• Rückblick Peggy 2019

    Die Wahl war schnell getroffen. Das gesamte Zubehör war im Preis inbegriffen. Ich habe ein Khosi gekauft und bin super zufrieden damit.

    Rückblick Geert 2021

    Aha, ich habe Sie nicht verstanden, als Sie von der Qualität der Reißverschlüsse sprachen! Erst jetzt erfahre ich den Nachteil von billigeren Reißverschlüssen, undicht und fast unmöglich, den Reißverschluss zu schließen. Ich werde für mein nächstes Dachzelt zu Ihnen kommen.....

    Rückblick 4x4Nord 2022

    4x4 North

    Rooftent test


    We are finally there, the holiday is over and so is the test.

    Just before this year’s big trip I got in touch with @norwegianexplorervans where I got to borrow the very latest tent from @femkesrooftoptents, femkes JoyCee! Since I borrowed the tent, I have tested it to find out if this a tent that can be recommended for long and hard trips, but also for those who go on short weekend trips. And I can already say that there is not much to criticise about this tent! So now after a long trip through forests and fields, meadows, hills and mountains, the feedback is finally here!


    After the first night in the tent I must say that it met all my expectations. It is quick to set up and easy to pack up again. The tent comes with a thick memory foam mattress which is one of the best standard mattresses in a rooftent that I have ever tested. The mattress is comfortable to lie on, even when you lie on your side. There is also plenty of room to pack up the tent with a duvet and pillow inside.

    The fabric is dense enough to keep out enough sunlight during the long bright nights. A big plus! I have not experienced any condensation either on the canvas, the inside of the roof nor under the mattress. The standard 3D mesh anti condensation mattress under the foam mattress is also a great plus.


    I have used the tent for over 2 weeks in a row and only had two days of sun, otherwise there has only been a lot of rain and wind.

    The raindrops bounce off the fabric nicely and I haven’t found a drop of water inside, even when I packed up the tent soaking wet. Every other tent I’ve tried has stayed damp on the inside when packed wet. I haven’t noticed much “blowing” in the tent, even in strong winds.


    The tent also has a number of nice (standard) features, such as the fly-top that can be removed completely, set up with 6 poles for shade or 2 poles in windy weather as shown in the pictures. The JoyCee comes with a shoe bag which is also great in bad weather as it keeps your shoes dry and your tent clean.You also get an organiser for your clothes which you can hang up inside. The gas springs can be locked in position if there is heavy wind or large amounts of snow so the tent doesn’t collapse in the middle of the night while you are asleep.


    The design of the shell is aerodynamic which helps keep fuel consumption low. The tent itself is pretty light and you hardly notice it’s there while driving.


    So, can I recommend femkes JoyCee to anyone?

    The answer is a big YES!